Try These Premium Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves Ideas

ice cream cone sleeves help protecting the ice cream from external damage and germs. Many brands pay special attention to these cone sleeves because they know these jackets are not only protecting the oce creams but bringing customers to the doorstep.

There are many custom ice cream cone sleeves ideas you can try for your ice creams to get better sales and attention from customers. As a customer walks in a shop, the first thing that strikes them is the pacakging. We never know what colors are someone’s favorite but we do know what colors and designs can attract someone. 

Your ice cream cone jackets can have all the exciting colors you want, and they will become the reason your brand gets recognition. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you decide to 


Choose The Material 

ice cream cone packaging needs light material because they are used as protection around the waffle cone. 

Paperboard is the least costly material for packaging. These boxes are sturdy but not enough to travel long distances. They can often be used for packing small items like necklaces, earrings, etc. Therefore you may use them for your ice cream cone sleeves. 

They can be molded into any shape you like and have as many colors as you want. It is not a good option to use paperboard, but it can always be ordered in small quantities for lightweight items. 

You can pick paperboard material for your ice cream cone sleeves because of the following reasons: 


Your paperboard custom ice cream cone sleeves will be lightweight and will not be a burden for customers to hold. 


Your custom ice cream cone sleeves made from paperboard will be cost-effective because it is an affordable material and is readily available in the market. 


A paperboard is a sustainable option because it is made from pulp or recycled paper. 

Try Different Styles

Try these different styles for your custom cone sleeves and see what better improvement they bring in your sales.  People these days love to follow trends. It is a time when social media is dominating our lives, and people use these platforms to express their opinions. Look at the public and see what they want in the packaging. 

You can have custom-printed ice cream cone sleeves just as your customers want them to be. If they are a fan of bold designs, use them on your sleeves, but if they also like to have minimal designs or prints on the packaging, you may follow them. 

Just look at trending styles and designs and incorporate them into your packaging. It is also an excellent option to look at your fellow brands to improve your cone packaging and lure customers to your brand. 

Monochrome Packaging

You can go for monochrome packaging because having one colour around the ice cream cone is what attracts most customers. These colours must be following the ice cream’s flavour to add a better look to the overall cone sleeves. 

For instance, you for pink packaging if the ice cream is strawberry flavoured. You can also try green, blue, red, and purple based on the colors of the ice-cream scoops. 


Your custom ice cream cone sleeves will look tenfold better with minimalistic designs on it. Try different minimalism designs on the cone sleeves by searching for them online and see the difference in sales. 


How about having minty green packaging for your mint chocolate? Pastels never go out of style, and you know it. They are what we need on a hot day around our cone packaging so why not try them? 

Design Your Cone Sleeves

You can design your waffle cone sleeves in many ways. You can have your waffle cone paper sleeves in different colors because not everyone is a fan of white or brown packaging. You can coordinate your scoop’s color to the packaging, but you may also divide the packaging’s colors according to the season. 

Pastels give a soothing and calm vibe; therefore, you may use pastel packaging in summer and spring. However, dark colors favor warm and feisty vibes, so you may use them in winter and autumn. But that is not a compulsion; you may use any palette in any season.  

If you are targeting children, the best way is always to use children’s favorite characters on your sleeves. You can go for Elsa, Olaf, spiderman, or any barbie to attract children. Or try Van Gough’s starry night or any other painting on your ice cream cone sleeves for an artistic look. 

Use Plant-Based Ink For Printing

You must be aware that customers love to buy sustainable, where it is something as small as  cone sleeves. To assure them of being a sustainable brand, you must use plant-based ink instead of lubricants.   

Your custom ice cream cone sleeves having soy-ink will have many advantages. The three most important ones are:

  • They will be cost-effective
  • They will have sharper images
  • They will have brighter colors

Contact An Excellent Packaging Company 

If you are looking for better rates than the market, then do a little research and see if there are any sleeve boxes wholesale manufacturers around you. Contact them and ask for the prices they will offer you for these packaging cones. 

You may also contact a packaging company to see their better offers. They usually have a more extensive setup and better-discounted rates that you may avail yourself of. 

Getting in touch with a packaging company directly will save money upfront because there will be no third party involved in the business. You need to contact an excellent packaging company for your ice cream cone paper packaging. 

You need the best quality and limitless design options for your cone sleeves. If you want to find a good company, keep the following factors in mind. 

  • It must have good standing experience 
  • The company must provide a free sample
  • It must have unlimited customizing options
  • It must offer you generous rates
  • It’s shipping procedure must be secure
  • The company must deliver packages on time 

Summarizing The Above Discussion 

If you want to have the best custom ice cream cone sleeves, you need to follow the ideas we have listed for you. However, there is no compulsion as you may explore more ideas and try those for better customer engagement. 

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