A common goal of college thesis writing is to persuade readers that you have an interesting, logical opinion on the subject you are studying. You persuade a buddy to vote for your favored candidate or policy, your roommate to pick up after themselves, your parents to let you borrow their car, and your roommate to clean up after themselves. Making a strong argument is a common assignment in college courses. You must persuade the reader of your point of view.


The thesis statement summarizes the position you will take throughout the remainder of your paper. Everything else you write should relate to this key idea (Scribbr, 2020). The important concepts in your essay are encapsulated in the thesis statement. It acts as a road map for the reader, outlining the thesis and supporting arguments for the essay. The aim of your research needs to be precise and expressed in a way that it should be easy to find out when it has been accomplished (dissertationwritinghelp, 2021).

The most effective theses are:


  • Concise: A strong thesis statement is brief and to the point; avoid using extraneous words. In one or two sentences, briefly state your topic.
  • Controversial: Your thesis shouldn’t be a straightforward assertion of universal truth. A compelling thesis statement demands additional investigation or analysis to substantiate it.
  • Coherent: The rest of your paper must support and elaborate on every point in your thesis statement.

Where to put the thesis statement

The thesis statement typically comes at the end of the introduction to your essay or research paper.

An Illustration of an Essay’s Opening

Not least in the field of education, the proliferation of the internet has changed the world. It is contentious whether or not young people should use the internet in academic settings. Many people who did not grow up with modern technology find its consequences disturbing and possibly dangerous. Although reasonable, this worry is misplaced. The many advantages of using the internet for education outweigh its drawbacks, including greater access to information, exposure to many viewpoints, and a flexible learning environment for students and teachers.


You should develop an initial thesis, sometimes referred to as a working thesis, early on in the writing process. After selecting a subject for your essay, you must decide what to say. A focused thesis statement will give your essay organization and focus.

Suppose you need help; try to think of your question. Your assignment may already include one. What do you hope to discover or ascertain about your topic? You can find several dissertation examples below.

For Instance, You May Inquire About The Following:

Has the internet had either a good or bad effect on education?

What effect, alternatively, did the development of braille—the raised-dot method used by the blind and visually impaired—have?


You can develop a flimsy response to this issue after preliminary research. It can be straightforward at this point and should direct the writing and research processes.

The impact of the internet on education has been more favorable than harmful.

The development of braille enhanced blind people’s quality of life.


You must now consider the rationale behind your response and the strategy you will use to get the reader to agree with you. Your answer should get more in-depth as you continue to read about your subject and write.

The thesis in your essay on the internet and education outlines your position and the main arguments you’ll use to back it up. For that, you can also look for thesis help to get everything right. Here are two examples of how you can develop your response.

Argumentative Statement

Due to the ease of information access provided by the internet, its numerous positive effects on education surpass any drawbacks.

The thesis statement describes the significant historical development you’ll discuss in your essay about braille.

Expository Thesis Statement.

Blind people’s lives were drastically changed by the development of braille in the 19th century, which enabled them to take a more active role in society.


The reader should learn the following from a powerful thesis statement:

  • What your essay will teach them.
  • Your narrative’s or argument’s main points.

The final thesis statement highlights your whole argument or the subject you will convey, not simply your perspective. Consider your topic’s larger context to reinforce a poor thesis statement.

Improved Internet Use Thesis Statement, For Instance

The many advantages of using the internet for education outweigh its drawbacks, including greater access to information, exposure to other viewpoints, and a flexible learning environment for students and teachers.

Improved Braille Invention Thesis Statement, For Instance

The development of braille significantly improved the quality of life for blind people in the 19th century, but its adoption by sighted teachers was crucial to its success. Discussions regarding the social status of the disabled influenced this process.

These examples are more concrete and demonstrate your willingness to delve deeply into your subject.


The objectives of your essay should be reflected in your thesis statement; these objectives change based on the type of essay you’re writing:

  • The thesis statement in an argumentative essay should adopt a firm stance…
  • In an expository essay, you’ll seek to explain the facts of a topic or procedure. Your article aims to persuade your reader of this argument based on evidence and logical reasoning. Your statement shouldn’t have a strong opinion in this case. Still, the main idea you intend to make and the essential details you’ll explain should be evident.

Example: Thesis for an argumentative essay Although many people have a terrible opinion of monitoring, its benefits for society outweigh these drawbacks. More surveillance in public places promotes public order and protects residents’ safety.

Example: Thesis for an expository essay the economic prosperity of Italy in the Middle Ages is intimately related to the European Renaissance. Patronage of the arts and sciences was made possible by the rise of Italian port

towns as important commerce hubs during the Crusades and the construction of banking institutions.



In conclusion, you briefly introduce your subject before expressing your point of view on it in one sentence, frequently and directly. The thesis statement summarizes the position you will take throughout your paper.



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