'No choice' but cholera water for Lebanon's poor

During his six days in treatment, Mohammad has watched patients stream into the Al-Kasrah hospital in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, where the highly-polluted Euphrates River is a major source of contaminated water used for both drinking and irrigation.

The next day, after the weather had cleared and floodwaters had largely drained into Little Snowy Creek below them, Harry and his father assessed the damage and got to work.

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تسليك مجاري

‘We are in the Baraw village and our apartment has been flooded with sewage 2 days in a row. That said, they reckon they have now fixed it and there are a team of cleaners here but they also said that yesterday,’ they posted.

Extraordinary photos have re-emerged of the catastrophic 1972 Melbourne floods – as a torrent of water once again devastates parts of the city and saturates central Victoria.

The streets of the up-market Gombe district — home to government buildings and usually spared the problems affecting other areas of Kinshasa such as inadequate waste disposal and power supplies — were also inundated.

The council has proposed the June state budget increase the cost of living concession for renters to the level paid to homeowners, offer a substantial increase in energy concessions and extend existing pensioner private motoring and ambulance concessions to all people on very low incomes.

Community NGO worker Jan Odhano, who has provided emergency relief to victims of both the heatwave and floods, said the “double disasters” left farm workers desperate for a way out.

“I am acutely aware that cost of living is one of the biggest issues facing many South Australians at the moment and cost of living headlines are constantly in the news right around the country,” she said.

Beneath the roots of a weathered almond tree on a remote island in Australia’s north, traditional owners enrich the soil of their homeland with the blood and DNA of the next generation.

“In Syria, more than 10,000 suspected cases of cholera have been reported just in the past six weeks,” the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a briefing on Wednesday.

Forest Fire Management’s acting chief fire officer Allyson Lardner described conditions as a “daily changing escapade” as she asked hikers to stay away from moving water.

Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg signed off a £15million public information campaign that would encourage people to take simple measures like turning off radiators in empty rooms and switching the heating off when they go out.

The campaign was entirely practical, it was about saving people money.

It wasn’t about lecturing them.’ 

But a Government source told the Times: ‘It’s a stupid decision.

UK energy bosses warn short rolling power cuts are a possibility this winter, as Vladimir Putin’s tactical tightening of gas pipelines in Europe starts to bite.

Inside Syria, the Euphrates flows mostly along territory controlled by semi-autonomous Kurdish authorities, whose US-backed fighters dislodged the Islamic State group from the jihadists’ last scrap of Syrian territory in 2019.

Local chamber of commerce secretary Garry Squires told AAP the floods were another hurdle for the community after a difficult few years of drought, bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Turner said around 30 to 40 groups attended the first inspection on February 11, many of who were young couples and first homebuyers. He estimated over 100 groups had now inspected the property.

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