Home decor: How to make a black bedroom for elegance

Loved by interior designers, black imposes all its class in a room. Chic, cold and elegant, it is however not the easiest color to use. In a bedroom, it can work wonders but must also be adopted with a little thought. A black bedroom can thus modernize your room and your interior decoration. It is used openly or sparingly. It also has the advantage of being able to combine easily with other lighter or natural colors such as white or wood. Discover some tips for using it with care.

Black: a sober, chic and distinguished color

Pure, sober and sophisticated, black adds a note of modernity to a layout. It is a cold color, which refers to many things, sometimes negative sometimes positive. On the one hand, black inspires gloom, sadness or even darkness. On the other, it is a luxurious shade, full of sobriety and refinement. Mystery and unknown envelops the dark. Besides, isn’t it the color of the night?

In interior fittings and decorations, black is a classic. It is used as a decorative note, but also more frankly as the dominant color in a room. It mixes brilliantly with lighter color palettes. There is of course the timeless black and white, an association that we never tire of. It can also be combined with wood for an interior with natural charm. And then there is the very chic note of gold and black that wreaks havoc in a chic layout. In any case, it is the perfect color to highlight the other colors

Wrongly, it is often considered a color without shades. However, there are variants that stand out slightly from pure black. To name but a few: inky black, jet black, ebony black, carbon black… The finish also plays an important role. Matte black is a classic, but you can also dare the glossy finish to bring beautiful plays of light into a black bedroom.

4 decorative tips for a beautiful black bedroom

Want to decorate your room with black? Like everything, the goal is to find the right balance to match all the elements that make up the bedroom. Adopt black in small touches or more frankly, the choice is yours. However, here are some decorative ideas that can inspire you if you are not sure how to use it.

A section of wall in black

A wall painted or upholstered in black brings a sober and deep side at the same time. Combined with a nice parquet floor in white or natural wood, it impresses with its great elegance. Unlike white, black tends to make a space smaller. Avoid painting all the walls black. On the other hand, it will have a superb effect on a section of wall to contrast with the other walls and bring a design side.

A timeless black floor

Black is a versatile color that can fit just about anywhere. On the floor, the image that often comes up is the black and white checkerboard that takes over the bathrooms, but not only. In a bedroom, it is quite possible to have a nice black or dark colored floor for a very contemporary style. It gives character and personality to a room. It can be matched with lighter touches such as white walls for delicate nuances.

A black headboard to create an intimate sleeping area

Headboards are popular for dressing up a bed and giving relief to a bedroom. A pretty black headboard does wonders for creating an intimate and elegant space at the same time. This is particularly the case of a padded headboard in fabric or black leather which can give a beautiful romantic spirit.

Black bed linen

Black can also be used in small touches in the bedroom thanks to cushions, throws, bed sets and all other bed linen. It thus comes to bring this small dose of sobriety and simplicity for a bed decorated without false note.

Black furniture to enhance the bedroom design

From the wardrobe to the bed, adult bedroom furniture also dares to use black. Go for collection at Homary! They are the ones who set the tone of the decoration and the style of decoration that you want to instill in a room. As such, black has its habits and preferences for industrial, vintage and contemporary universes. In an industrial-style bedroom, for example, black is often found on the metal elements for a superb workshop loft effect! In a contemporary decor, black goes alone or with white to highlight an avant-garde spirit.

The bed is the central point of the room, the one towards which the eyes turn. A designer black bed gives character to the room, making an impression with its distinguished and sober side. If the whole frame is finished in black, it may be a good idea to complement it with white bed linen or in pastel and light tones to nuance its dark side. A pretty bed with black metal legs is also a good choice to highlight an industrial atmosphere.

The bedside table is a nice complement. Often forgotten, it nevertheless also brings its stone to the building in the layout of the room. If it goes well with the bedding, a beautiful black wooden bedside table, for example, will be an excellent choice to give a chic visual impression in the room. This will also be the case for the other essentials in the bedroom. A chest of drawers and a wardrobe in black color are a good option to add discretion and elegance to the bedroom.

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