Clash of the Titans: Back to Argos, the whole lot of you

Back to Argos, the whole lot of you

Clash of the Titans (12A)                                                                       

Verdict: A horrible myth-take

Rating: 1 Star Rating

Disappointment of the week is this expensive but ponderous remake of the 1981 epic, which wasn’t much good either.

Aussie actor Sam Worthington looked good in Terminator Salvation and was adequate in Avatar, but he is hopeless as Perseus, a demigod with no personality and an accent that wanders between Britain, the U.S. and Australia.

Hopeless: Australian actor Sam Worthington takes a stab at it

Hopeless: Australian actor slot gacor hari ini Sam Worthington takes a stab at it

He’s the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson at his dullest) but can’t stand bossy Gods like Zeus’s brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes), who has a habit of killing people when they’re not worshipping enough.

I couldn’t make sense of the plot, but Perseus gets the job of killing the kraken, a sea monster created by the Gods, which sees him slaughtering giant scorpions, a Medusa and odd harpies. 

If you think Worthington’s bad, get a load of Fiennes, who plays Hades as a cross between Richard III and Enoch Powell.

Poor Gemma Arterton has the thankless task of appearing romantically interested in Worthington.

Louis Leterrier directs with the same flair for storytelling he revealed in Unleashed  –  none.Some of the special effects are impressive, but they can’t make up for the shambolic script and abominable performances.

A lot of the characters say they’re from Argos, but sadly that doesn’t mean a discount on your ticket.

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