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21 Moving Hacks for Easier, Smoother, and Less Stressful Move

Who doesn’t know the key to successful home relocation is hiring the best packers and movers services and getting organized for the move. But, this is the most difficult part of the move. Only a few people who have already encountered relocation know what it takes to have an easier, smoother, and less stressful move. If you are moving for the first time and want to know moving hacks of how you can make your move less stressful for you and your family then read this blog.

Here are the top moving hacks that will make your move easier, smoother, and less stressful. From planning to getting organized for the move, and moving day hacks, you will find everything on this blog to help you get moved without any hassles. So, read the tips and enjoy a stress-free move.

Moving Hacks to Plan and Get Prepare for the Move

1. Figure out whether to do it yourself or hire professional packers and movers service

Home shifting can be a tedious job especially if you are not experienced. Professionals can take the responsibility of safely transporting your belongings to the intended destination. Also, they ensure the safe and on-time delivery of the goods taking out the stress from your mind.

2. Choose the right date and time to relocate

Do not move on weekends or during the peak seasons as these are the busiest times for professionals. Choose the date when movers can offer discounts to you.

3. Set your moving budget

If you want to save money then set your budget in advance. Otherwise, you will end the moving process by spending extra on your move.

4. Create a moving checklist

A moving checklist will keep you guided throughout the process of your activities. Forgetting a few things during the move is quite common. But, the moving checklist will not let you forget even the minor things. Just sit calmly and make a moving checklist considering all the important things you are supposed to do during the move.

5. Get rid of unwanted goods

There’s no point carrying the unwanted goods and increasing the moving cost. So, get rid of the items that you don’t use or are useless.

6. Get quotes from three removal companies at least

This will help you compare different charges of packers and movers in Bhopal, Mumbai, Pune, or anywhere in India. And, you will book the best and most affordable movers and packers.

7. Arrange packing materials

To get your goods packed you will have to buy or arrange packing materials. Although movers will bring the packing supplies, if you are doing it yourself, then you will have to arrange it on your own.

8. Pack your personal belongings

If you want to save money then pack some of your belongings by yourself and leave the bulky and delicate items for the professionals to pack. Also, it is advisable to pack and carry your valuables with you like jewelry, documents, etc.

9. Have a packing station

If you are doing it yourself then have a space where you can gather all the packaging materials and pack your items without any disturbance.

10. Use linens, blankets, and towels to wrap fragile items

Packing fragile items can be tricky and risky too. To ensure their safety, use linens, blankets, and towels to wrap the delicate items.

11. Label boxes with color codes and number codes

Either use a color code or number code method, but do not forget to label the moving boxes. Or, guide your movers while labeling the boxes.

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12. Pack an essential bag/box

Your movers may take a few days to transport your belongings. So, pack a separate box or bag carrying all the essentials.

13. Keep the screws and hardware in a plastic bag

Nuts and screws are small things that can easily go missing. To avoid this, keep it in a clear plastic bag.

14. Create a moving inventory list

To keep the records of the goods that you are moving, make an inventory list. Whether you are hiring packers and movers or doing it yourself, this is essential.

15. Take a picture of all the electronic appliances and TV

Click the picture of all your appliances this will help while reinstalling them in your new house.

16. Leave your clothes on hangers, group them and wrap them  in garbage bags.

This will make the task of packing clothes easier and faster too.

17. Pack your plates or dishes vertically

Do not stack your plates or dishes on the moving box instead, pack them vertically using bubble wrap or dish towels in between each plate.

18. Defrost and clean fridge

Defrost your fridge at least one day before moving.

19. Eat up all the edibles

Do not buy vegetables and fruits instead, consume all the edibles that you have before moving.

20. Keep the small items in the laundry bucket

While packing your small kitchen utensils and other items, you can keep them in the laundry bucket if it’s a local shifting.

21. Keep the first-aid box handy

Do not pack your first-aid box with other goods. Keep the first kit handy as injuries do occur on the moving day.

These were 21 moving hacks that will make your move easier, faster, and less stressful. And, it is highly recommended to book the services of the best packers and movers in Delhi, Mumbai, or wherever you live. Because the experts of House Shifting Services have all the resources that lead to a successful move.

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